Шаблон advance-rp ipb

Inspectors shall ensure that the UAV lost link procedures/conditions specified in the SFOC application or in UAV operator’s operations manual are referenced by an SFOC condition. Details of these processes are provided below: Compliant Operator Application — These Certificate applicants are required to demonstrate that they have a compliant organization with qualified personnel operating a compliant small UAV within VLOS in accordance with a set of criteria. Validity of the SFOC is contingent upon the Certificate applicant coordinating with the applicable ATS Unit. As with manned aircraft, UAV operations require deconfliction with, coordination with, and notification to other airspace users. Organization of Forces 13-40. While specifically trained and equipped units usually conduct the other forms of reconnaissance operations, any maneuver force can conduct a RIF. The force conducting a RIF is organized as if it is conducting offensive operations. Section 571.04 of the CARs, Schedule II stipulates what constitutes specialized maintenance.

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