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Uncategorized — Audrey Kletscher Helbling 5: Red Wing Pottery and Stoneware is closing its salesroom. You can read the complete statement by clicking here. While the salesroom will remain open only through December 24, the company will continue to produce a limited number of Red Wing Pottery and Red Wing Stoneware pieces at the Stoneware facility. Those products will be available for purchase online. I visited the store in October and drafted the following post in May , planning to publish it as part of a series on Red Wing. I still intend to publish that series.

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Glenbow Museum Foreword 1 In the authors undertook the task of examining the collections of the Glenbow-Alberta Institute to determine the extent of the museum’s Medalta holdings. The few pieces of hotel china and art wares were insufficient to mount a display and hardly representative of the wide variety of products produced between and , the period during which Medalta manufactured its wares. In his travels throughout Canada to examine the major Medalta collections in both private and public hands, Forbes discovered several collections that were for sale.

Red Wing Stoneware Company, known as Red Wing Union Stoneware Company after , was an American producer of stoneware. The mark most often seen on the Red Wing crocks and jugs was the wing. Production of all Red Wing pottery and stoneware discontinued in , but new purchasers started production of Red Wing stoneware in under new ownership.

As a Red Wing citizen group organized and incorporated to manufacture stoneware the assets of Hallem Pottery were bought and Hallem helped to make their first molds and kilns. The company soon become very successful and in the Minnesota Stoneware Co was built across the street. Both companies prospered until a third company was formed. The North Star Stoneware built in the immediate vicinity.

As with most early potteries the Minnesota POttery burned to the ground in February of and the Red Wing Stoneware Company met the same fate nine months later. Both companies were rebuilt and porpsered until they merged in as one company. Quality stoneware including crocks, milk pans, butter jars, water coolers, bean pots, apittoons, churns, chamber pots, bed warmers and other pieces were produced from local clays.

Farmers from the Northwest were the biggest customers with crocks and jugs being bought for winter food storage.

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Its offerings include gallery shows, a highly juried fine art festival each fall, a series of concerts Wednesday evenings during summer and a garden tour featuring both art and music. Within 10 years of its inception, Red Wing Shoes was producing more than , pairs of boots per year and was the primary company manufacturing footwear for American soldiers fighting in World War I. Red Wing Shoes continued its tradition of producing footwear for wartime use by manufacturing boots for American soldiers during World War II.

We are committed to the continued vitality and growth of the art and craft of ceramics while maintaining a proud presence in our community and with our employees.

The better the apparent workmanship in the stoneware, the earlier the piece. As stated above, because of competition and technology, local potters had to make their ware faster and cheaper. Frills such as decorating the pottery became less common.

Shopping Online The following websites are great places to find antique crocks: Prock’s Crocks and Antiques – This online antique store specializes in antique crocks, including many popular brands. You’ll find crocks from every era and manufacturer. Tias – This online antique store is the perfect place to look for genuine antique crocks. RubyLane – Another great option for antique crocks, RubyLane also has a continually changing selection. Etsy – This artist marketplace is also a fabulous place to find vintage kitchen items like antique crocks.

Shopping Locally While you may find the best crock selection online, the weight of these items can make shipping expensive. Some collectors prefer to shop closer to home. You can find crocks at antique stores and flea markets, as well as estate sales, auctions, and garage sales. Don’t forget to check out Craigslist too. Modern Reproductions Popular from the s through the s, crocks were useful kitchen staples throughout the United States.

Today, they are prized for their simple beauty, which originates in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers used a salt glazing process to create a glass-like finish on the crocks when they were fired. Before they were fired, the crocks were often decorated with beautiful cobalt blue designs.

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Antique Minnesota Red Wing Stoneware Whiskey/Moonshine Jug – 1 Gallon Item is in really nice shape and in good condition. Condition: Item is in good condition and .

You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. Smaller stoneware pieces such as pitchers, milk pans and mugs were used for serving food and drink. In any case, you could find stoneware in abundance in any 19th century American household. History of American stoneware Around , we saw the first stoneware production in the United States. It began in the larger settled coastal areas of New York City and Boston.

The European Old World influence can be seen in these first potteries. This stoneware is identified by classic ovoid shapes, open applied handles and an overall crude appearance compared to later American pottery. The decoration was primarily fine line incised designs of stylized flowers and birds. Pieces were usually further enhanced or accented with a blue cobalt wash before firing.

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Those looking for a slower pace will find shopping, dining, theatre and spas. Plan a day downtown , an active weekend , a night at the theatre or a relaxing weekend getaway. For classic, simple designs and high-end country style, visit Red Wing Stoneware just off Highway 61 and Moundview Drive west of downtown. The factory store is open daily and sells a range of serving platters and dinnerware, crocks and soup tureens, bowls, mugs and garden items including planters and birdhouses.

A rare Blue Red Wing Stoneware Elk Water Cooler with the matching lid and spigot. A very nice piece of antique stoneware decorated all around with a scene of a stag and doe in the woods. Would be a great addition to any Red Wing or blue and white stoneware collection.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Dating circa to , it has all its original elements: None of the wire is bent. We guarantee that this is a genuine Red Wing antique, extremely rare , and not a commemorative or reproduction. The famous red wing motif appears between the blue “3” and the oval Red Wing Union Stoneware Company logo on the taupe stoneware see close-up photo 3 below.

Condition is wonderful, especially with all the original elements still in place. T are no cracks, and only one chip at the base edge best seen at the bottom of photo 1, underneath and to the left of the Red Wing oval logo. The cast iron ball lock has caused some roughage to the cover center w the ball lock still keeps the cover in place; but again, this is a non-issue in light of the rarity and overall condition.

You will be very pleased! We accept PayPal, money orders and checks but these must clear our bank before shipping or pick-up. Given its size and weight, we originally listed this as pick-up only. However, we now estimate it at 24 pounds when fully wrapped and packed for shipping. Please email any questions you might have — thank you and good luck in your bidding!

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