Monday March 2, The article reads as follows: Around mid last year, an informant told us that girl group member A and top idol group member B was spending time together at a hotel near Tokyo. Based on the time of day they met, their individual hotel room numbers, and the color of the clothes they were wearing, the evidence all supports the fact that the two were indeed spending time together. The members practically spent all day together, eating, and sleeping together. It would be next to impossible to avoid the eyes of the other members, so how did she do it? A arrived in Japan before the other members and reserved a room on the same floor as where she and the other members were staying, and invited B to stay in that room. They ate, played video games, and board games, among other things. During the concert, A collapsed from pain in her stomach and was diagnosed with an STD. She is still known to be treating her condition.

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Few hours ago your grandparents called me to inform that you were about to debut soon, and that you were very busy at the moment, they also told me not to worry. But neither of them knew we rarely kept in touch. After receiving their call, I feel so relieved, so I went to visit them.

Around during the time EXO was busy promoting Overdose there were rumors and speculation that Baekhyun and Taeyeon were dating. Especially if you looked at their Instagram posts at the time there were a lot of subtle hints that pointed towards them dating.

How do you want him to confess? Your love that became one because of music. Under the moonlight, setting fireworks by the seaside. I love you, till I die. Kept staring at you, then grab your hands and say “I like you. Very charming and usually talkative. Knows his way with the ladies. He like to have fun and have this unusual sense of humor that sends you ROFLing ; He is very relaxed but can also be extremely charming without realizing it.

He is very calm and also relaxed.

Taeyeon and Baekhyun reported to have ended their relationship

I contacted her through a messenger and we talked for two days. I was first a bit doubtful about her but as I talked to her, it became clearer that she was not lying. I got screencaps and a video from her. I will not reveal any of her identity as she asked to be anonymous.

There was a rumor that two good looking guys were dating in the schoo There was a rumor that two good looking guys were dating in the schoo #二次創作 #二次創作 #amreading #books #wattpad See more exo, baekhyun and sehun GIF on We Heart It tus patrones aka sebaek – y por si. Your number one Asian Entertainment community forum.

The main vocalist and rapper of popular boy band EXO have reportedly been spotted together at many places. Aug 15, The fans have collected around 10 images of the two celebs spending quality time with each other and uploaded it on social networking sites with the caption: They are seen hugging each other publicly on stage and other places. In one of the photos, Chanyeol is seen offering a red rose to Baekhyun and this is being considered as a proof of their secret relationship by netizens.

EXO fans believe that the two K-pop stars are very cute and are involved in a loving, adorable relationship, according to Koreaboo. Although it could be exciting to know that the two popular members of the boy band are secretly dating each other, the celebs and their representatives are yet to confirm the speculation. So, their followers will have to wait a little longer for any confirmation regarding the recent buzz.

Earlier, the social media users had stated Chanyeol with Red Velvet singer Joy were romantically involved. This piece of news has also not been confirmed as yet.

EXO Member Dating Rumor

Exo Planet extrasolar planet is a planet beyond our solar system 7. EXO-called M1 and M2 before their official name was revealed. Kai was born on January 14,

It isn’t bad that baekhyun was dating taeyoen. in real its so being a many rumor of that issue but i understand what feeling baekhyun exo we are one dont lose your hope keep figthing guys.

Also…two of our boys have actually been through this scenario. Enjoy as always my loves! Yifan is one of those idols I see having a verrry private and confidential personal life. So, the fact that Dispatch or some other news outlets have caught him dating would be somewhat frustrating to Kris. Now Kai, is somewhat similar to Kris in this instance. He is a covert and reserved person and so far, it seems like he is handling his relationship with Krystal in such a manner.


To follow up Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s apology , EXO’s Baekhyun has now reached out to fans in this heartfelt post via his instagram account. Although it’s very late.. I’m leaving these words here to tell all the fans that I’m sorry for the disappointment and pain I’ve given you.

exo rumours Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Media: EXO’s Suho rumoured to be dating there is a rumour that kyungsoo smokes and baekhyun said that dont spread or believe rumors exo baekhyun. 46 notes.

Sep 05 Holding hands, simple kiss on a cheek, sitting next to each other, looking with each other are still makes me excited about these two Sep 05 7: I can’t contain myself?. Will be missing School , for sure. This drama brought back the memories being simply and average 18 years old.

Here’s Why Some Believe Taeyeon And Baekhyun Never Actually Dated

Should I try to flirt? When it was finally over he saw you go outside and hug two of your friends. Originally posted by sefuns Luhan:

A post shared by BaekHyun. (@baekhyuune_exo) Besides that, there are been no other substantial rumors about him dating anyone. Sehun. A post shared by 세훈 (@oohsehun) on Mar 26, at pm PDT. Who has girlfriend in EXO? Who is Gay in EXO and Why People Think So?

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Behind SM’s trainee Life.

I think around at the age of 35, we will start considering about getting into relationships. Fans thought it was only Baekhyun being bright and optimistic and liked his picture; in actuality it was just a thrill he and Taeyeon were enjoying. In an interview in the past in You know like holding hands under the table that sort of thing.

18 wrz baekhyun is a half time stripper we all know it. exo #baekhyun #chanyeol #kai baekhyun is a half time stripper we all know it. exo #baekhyun #chanyeol #kai Anuluj.

Bruno Mars Fashion Style: Yuri and Seohyun Facts About D. Kai would hide D. When he goes to sleep he only wears a T-shirt and his underwear He was a kid ulzzang His parents were very supportive of him becoming a singer He says that he inherited his artistic side from his father because his father owns an art business If the EXO dorms are messy, D. O and the other members are alone, he tells a lot of jokes He is being considered for many dramas and movie roles In and , D.

Thus, he wears contact lenses D. Baekhyun His shoe size is korean size According to EXO-K members except Chanyeol, the member who has not changed in 3 years since their debut is D. He said that Baekhyun could give laughs to the rest of the cast whereas D. However when I call D.

Rumors of D.O. leaving EXO resurface

Baekhyun and you were dating and you guys were going to hang out with rest of the exo members at their dorm. You guys played games, watched movies and ate some really delicious foods that D. You were going to sleep at their dorms because your parents were on a vacation. Sehun wanted to eat more junk food but we were all out, they all looked at you and you looked at all of them. O raised their hands and D.

masterlist exo bts bts masterlist exo masterlist park jimin min yoongi jungkook d. so the guy from the hospital is changed into Baekhyun. JINKOOK-NETWORK unites all the Jin /Jungkook /JinKook stans out there! Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true.

She also allkpopers — They sell fan.. Lee Min Ho thanks fans for celebrating his 10th anniversary since debut with him 3 May EXO’s comeback is one of the most anticipated comebacks this year Overdose showed a more mature concept than Growl, and I think this The EP was produced by Lee Soo-man. The One Like You. Nam Nari Date of Birth: MV Growl itu cuma sekali take SM Entertainment confirms Kai and Krystal are dating! What is your fav song? Actually exo has many other nice songs.

Anyone who performs at DC shows and has a hit song like “Growl” it’s going to get a fan chant. Lee planned to launch the group in May but their debut was delayed.

School 2017

Dating this cutie pie would be like being a princess, all the time. He would literally take such good care of you, and make you feel so damn loved. You two would be the couple that everyone would want to be, because of your sweet nature towards each other. Dating this kid would be like dating a puppy dog. He would always want to play around, and would never be able to be serious, but he would love you unconditionally all the same.

Baekhyun gets love confessions every day, and you get incessantly hassled. In an attempt to stop the naggings, you agree to outwardly date Baekhyun, for both of your own goods. But will slowly-developing personal feelings get in the way of this formal contract.

Also I actually just kept changing my mind about what I thought, and that was pretty annoying so I kept putting this off. I guess it went to my head. Originally I put the Power MV right after the Pathcodes, but as I kept writing this out it made less and less sense to me, so I moved it to where I had originally intended to put it, just before the Eclipse. Well, in the Pathcodes we see all the members separated and getting signs throughout about something ominous happening.

I spoke about this I think in the last part? So in his Pathcode, he hears this creepy voice. They realise this because of Kyungsoo.

Fans Tell EXO Baekhyun He’s Ungrateful for not Wanting to Be Stalked, after he begs for Privacy!