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Rae Sremmurd The young rap duo Rae Sremmurd have been having quite the They kicked off the year with the first fire album it had to offer, dropping SremmLife in early January, which ranks as one of the best of the year thus far in its own right. During promotion for the album, Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee swung by Sway in the Morning and not only delivered an impressive tag-team freestyle, but delivered one that sounds perfectly in the vein of some of their impressive tracks off Sremm. This one will have you flicking your wrist and bobbing your head. With so many to choose from, it was difficult to choose the best of the best, but we settled on the track that utilizes one of the best beats of all time. It doesn’t hurt, either, that Fabo just gets straight dirty with the bars on this one, too.

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Check out the internets largest list of Hip Hop movies. A freestyle can be performed over a beat or acapella. Depending on who you ask, the term “Freestyle Raps” can be defined in several different ways.

Despite its flaws, Stillmatic is perhaps the best hip-hop album of the year and certainly the best Nas album since is a must buy LP that will provide definite listening satisfaction.

Thursday, January 6, Two new groups expected to lead a hip hop boom The year for the Korean music industry is looking wide open for a variety of changes, especially with the first few months being dominated by girl group comebacks and debuts. While the ballad singers that took over the charts with their emotional vocals fit for the winter season prepare for their leave, a new hip hop boom is expected to lead a new trend in the industry this year right alongside the girl groups.

Gone are the sweet hook songs and auto-tune, as hip hop artists are gearing up for a comeback as we speak. The first two groups preparing for this hip hop renaissance are the brainchildren of hit composers Bang Shi Hyuk and Brave Brothers. Bang Shi Hyuk is known for his ballad hits with artists such as 2AM and Lim Jung Hee, but will be taking an interesting twist by unveiling his own idol creation this year with a group named “Bulletproof Boy Scouts. The group went through a hip hop audition process called “Hit It” and are currently focusing on their debut preparations.

Hit making producer Brave Brothers is launching his own five member hip hop girl group named “Brave Girls.

Hip Hop Hookup

TuneDem is a Christian reggae band registered in Kenya under the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and aims to reach to young people through inspired music and other relevant evangelical activities. Kepha admits to have loved reggae music from a very early age. Growing up, his interests in music became pronounced when he began composing reggae tunes and rhymes.

He later got saved and trained as a vocalist, learning to play key instruments along the way. He is a lead drummer, keyboardist and an acoustic guitarist. He is also a music trainer and producer, and currently works with about 10 band members of diverse but complementary music skills and talents.

Hip Hop hook up at the @SarakasiTrust Sarakasi dome was a to see Rap being fused with live to the organisers.

Producers Music Production Guide for Beginners Learning to produce music is a process that requires patience and determination, but it can prove an extremely valuable tool for every beginner music producer. It makes it easier to structure your song as you can apply new riffs over your sample loops, or create fresh loops from the beginning. It can enhance the overall sound of your track and make even sample based instrumentals sound like something completely new.

Music production guide for beginners Learning to make music productions can be very time consuming and a producer needs to dedicate many hours of practice and experimentation, to acquire the appropriate skills and be able to easily create riffs for his songs. Most common way to learn how to synthesize is by studying an instrument with a music teacher. Firstly, you need to learn the basics of the instrument you chose to play, and as you gain experience, the teacher can help you learn how to build a step-by-step music synthesis.

Another common way to learn music synthesis, is from online courses and youtube videos. There are many tutorial videos available online for free, for almost every instrument you wish to synthesize with and if not, there are also online courses in affordable prices that will make it easy for you to learn the secrets of music synthesis from the convenience of your home.

Add the bassline Next step of a music production, after sampling and music synthesis, is to add the appropriate bassline to your song.

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Now before you close out this browser in disgust, let me give you some perspective. Even though New York was the mecca and birthplace of Hip Hop, not many people I knew back in high school were getting down with east coast rap like that. Unless you had peoples in other places or cable , your listening aesthetics were very much influenced by regional media.

Town is the largest gay dance club in Washington DC. With state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, multiple rooms, and a cabaret-style performance space, the club offers a high energy space for dancing.

Love him or hate him, Cassper Nyovest has achieved feats your favorite rapper can only dream of. Two years ago, he filled up the performance venue The Dome, which has a capacity of 20, No other South African artist has managed to do that—even some international acts like Trey Songz and Chris Brown—failed. Nyovest has had one of the fastest rises in the history of South African hip-hop. Nyovest released a few solo songs circa , which revealed a promising rapper, but not one who would become the biggest in the country.

It was after that song that the whole country and some parts of the continent started paying close attention. This would become his way of introducing new songs. He would chant the hook to his next single between songs on his sets, creating anticipation for the full song. It was both original and generic.

Hip Hop Hookup

Does That Make Sense? I had never been an avid follower of the group, so I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. However, the quality of this album really surprised me—it’s clear that they’re a talented group of boys. Let’s take a closer look at the album that reeled me in: What Am I To You.

SEPT is Here and The HIP HOP Hookup Just got better!! In our quest for #KEmusic to be embraced and given due acceptance/airplay/ recognition throughout our society setting and ART to be considered a force to reckon with,both locally and to rep beyond borders,we take matters into our own hands we will be playing local music at the event %,launching new videos,projects and let artists.

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For The Love Of The Game, Hip Hop Hook Up This March

It is always helpful to know your way around sound recording equipment, and it makes the music production or song recording process much faster. It is also the best way to obtain a better understanding of how music equipment work, and gain experience to improve your music productions. How to record high quality audio at home The ability to record high quality audio is not hard to acquire, although it requires time investment as far as practice is concerned, in order to acquire the knowledge needed to produce better results and take the quality of your projects to the next level.

What you need to start recording PC or Laptop The first and most important piece of equipment that you are going to need is a personal computer or a laptop. We would assume that any producer or amateur sound engineer has one available in order to be able to record audio at home. It is required that you have the basic knowledge to use computer software and that you can properly set it up.

Hip hop beatmakers are also known for their ability to take old funk, blues, jazz and rock drum loops, chopping their sounds and restructuring them to fit amazingly well in their beats. Today such drum loop packages are available in affordable prices ready for every beatmaker to use them in his projects.

Arts desk 02 Nov So much history was made last night!!! So much peace was in the building!!!! FillUpTheDome — Trevor Noah Trevornoah October 31, Cassper took his moment in the spotlight to tweet about the success of his second album Refiloe, about which he said: Arnold wore a kilt with a jacket and tie outfit while Mboya wore a Xhosa outfit with a layered headwrap. It seems it all went according to plan, as earlier this year she had told The Juice: Black Coffee goes platinum Black Coffee hopes his album will go double platinum.

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Wondering why we so emotionally emotionless scrap metal My focus is not to be the brunt of the joke in this scrap metal Still played so I’m still a toy You still afraid so I’m still a boy something for you haters But as my soul this something for you haters Seen many-a solstices and plenty-a equinoxes Some if any think we equal not cause God does, but cause laws force them But what are laws if you don’t enforce them? Unless you get it on tape It’s more suspense and mystery than a Presidio tape Investigation more cartoon than a kid video tape It’s civil liberties rape, in Statue of Liberty shape The American offense make you watch for the headfake Well down with Sam I ain’t Three seconds in this paint will make any outside shooter faint Wait for you to blink So when you wake up and can’t wake up, you know exactly who to thank [Hook: Cee-Lo] Oh yes I’m sure, yes I’m sure I don’t care anymore Anything, anywhere, anytime, any place Let’s do this shit and get it over with I’ll run a boxcutter ‘cross your face I got niggaz here, I got niggaz there Ready to get down if I make the call I don’t give a fuck if your problem is big or small Almost anyday I could say fuck it all – fuck it all!

Plot: Composed of almost an all female cast, Fiona’s Script is a story of a shy bisexual woman and her struggles with love, friendships, and her carrier. Title character Fiona (Sonia Monejano) is a twenty-something year old Latina who is trying to get over the recent breakup with her long time boyfriend Sebastian (Allan Lazo).

I don’t want to die Sometimes wish I’d never been born at all echoes Grym Reefer!!! Fuck it we were born 2 die No one dies of old age; Niggaz die at 25 I’d be dead from suicide, Still here, still livin’ Even to my own suprise Bank account is on the rize, Niggaz wanna see me fall All I have in this world Is my fuckin word and balls No on knows when GOD will call Everyday a casket fall, Another death; a different cause; Life’s 2 short 2 take a pause; So I live it too the fullest; Keep a tone and stay with bullets; Nigga, keep my finga on the trigga, Don’t think I’m scared to pull it.

I don’t trust nam nigga, I ain’t fuckin playin nigga, Tell U 2 ya face, So we have a understanding nigga; Nowadays we all are killaz, Even little kids are killaz; GOD is getting pissed off; Now I see the ending nearer; While we sittin gettin high; Bout to get blown off the map; Ask Bush the reason why Our people being sent to die Every hater in the world would just die; I wish All my enemies commit suicide; I wish Instead of being born, I wish I would’ve died; I wish

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