PHAZING NIGHTS | DIRTY SOUTH | Friday November 19 @ Pacha NY

Pacha – Great if you want to rage to bass music, probably a spot to avoid if one is looking for a more upscale experience. Now for some more specific details: I’ve seen Hardwell, Boregore, Mord Fustang, Sunnery James and Rocky Marciano, and other many other dj’s there and trust me, when the dance floor gets going, It gets pretty wild in there. The headliner usually doesn’t go on til about The sound setup is excellent for a room of its size, BIG subwoofers surround the dance-floor embedded into the support pillars, when the main act gets going they bump pretty damn hard. The light set up is excellent as well: Now for the crowd: Expect 18 year olds everywhere, at least earlier in the night, with the crowd turning into a more normal, and sometimes very fratty, and very high crowd around midnight.

Dance clubs that let in females 18+ in NYC,?

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Up and coming DJ/Producer Revolvr is the newest act signed to Abbot Monroe Management. He is a living example of multi-genre talent. His incredible ability to dip his hands into any style and make it an instant hit has drawn respect from global talent such as Tiesto, Spencer & .

I was Assaulted on Halloween of this year, by two other patrons and when I went to report it to their security, they did nothing, they did not give any effort to find them, the two guys were not even wearing Masks, and I gave great description of the Perps and what costumes they were wearing. I was punched several times by two of them and I received several bruises and a broken tooth as well as lost a TapOUT shoe and Bad BOY cap, by trying to run away from them. I was not able to defend myself because there were two of them, and they were much bigger than me.

While I was getting hit several times, I ran to the Bar to seek help and even the Bar Maid did not even help, as I was screaming for help. Finally, when I got to the Security outside,in back of the club; because none of them were there when I was getting assaulted on the dance floor or near the bar, they finally attended to me. When I requested the security to call the cops they did not, they claimed they will handle it, and I requested several times to call them and they did not call them, I was however seen by their EMT person, given a Band-Aid and some ICE, “”Big Whop”” although he was Very Helpful and Attentive, “”they should have called an Ambulance””, but after that , the security people encouraged me to go home because they just did not want to help me, or do any effort to find them.

When I went back to the club later that night 4: When I went to Community Board 4 to see if there are complaints about them, I had found various articles and complaints on file about this club, including the New York Post Online Edition. The hotel I stayed at said “”That club is known for problems”” and when I ran into another patron at the hotel who over heard my conversation He said the Friday before, there were several fights and problems.

Serato Pulls a Willy Wonka With Special Edition Control Vinyl

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Break out your John Blair membership card (yes, we still have ours), ’cause famed NYC roller disco-cum-gay nightclub The Roxy appears to be aiming for a grand return. Applications for a liquor.

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The EPs brought Fluttert to the attention of a number of electronic house labels and he subsequently signed with the dance agency Soulmax in Live reviews Bakermat So I’m relatively new to Bakermat. So I created a Bakermat radio station on my Rdio account and heard some of his other work – from there I was sold on going to see him at The El Rey.

The opening act I wasn’t too keen on, he wasn’t bad but he just wasn’t my taste. But Bakermat took the stage and my inner happy was brought out.

Bakermat (born October 8, ) is the stage and performing name of Dutch electronic and house DJ and producer Lodewijk Fluttert, from Markelo, Netherlands.

Yes, it’s for many reasons, but we pretty sure the number one reason is how many great bars and nightclubs there are. There’s no city quite like NYC for partying, that’s for sure. History Of The Hookup Scene In NYC NYC might not have been one of the first settled cities in the but it did quickly become one of the most popular immigrant cities throughout the s and os. The very first bar was opened in and very soon after there were bars opening in every neighborhood.

And with the bars came the nightlife and hooking up! So it only makes sense that compared to other US cities , NYC bars and clubs would be open way later and more often. And this is true! Pretty much any night in NYC is a good night to go out.

Body & SOUL MLK Weekend 2016

Contact PHILIP Philip Michael Andersson aka Dj Philip started his deejay career in as an all-round deejay, playing all kinds of music from new wave to reggae at local parties and holding two residencies at 2 local clubs. When house music was born, Philip knew this was the music he loved! He held several residencies in legendary clubs. From there on the sky was the limit.

I come in NYC from 5 to 9 september for the 1st time, and i just wanted to tell you that i am so so so happy that you are in New York at Pacha the 7 of september, cause i was expecting so much i .

Despite its apparent remoteness, Pacha’s status as a global club destination ensur Despite its apparent remoteness, Pacha’s status as a global club destination ensures big glamorous crowds. The powerful sound of a German-imported Dynacord alpha concept speaker system fills the entire space: Pacha also boasts a fully integrated video system with moveable screens, and LED walls. Since it’s opening in , Pacha New York has become a dance music institution, and one of the foremost destinations in the world.

Pacha’s roots began with the first Pacha in the beach town of Sitges, opened in Six years later, in during the hippy movement, Pacha arrived in Ibiza. Since then the brand has been constantly developing together with time, fashion and trends, Since then the brand has been constantly developing together with time, fashion and trends, and bringing new ideas, improvements and all kind of extravagances to the night scene; although always maintaining its singularity, its particular style and spirit.

Four decades after its first opening in Sitges, Pacha has successfully established in many different countries all over the world: Use the arrow buttons to navigate down the street and around the neighborhood! Known as “Clinton” by the municipal government and devotees of former mayor DeWitt Clinton and as “Hell’s Kitchen” by Daredevil and everyone else, this area of Midtown West is currently experiencing rapid re development. Spanning roughly from West 34th to 59th Streets and from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River, it still has a rough-and-tumble character when compared with other more defined neighborhoods in Manhattan.

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Music is better than it ever has been. I will use any medium available to keep my performances fresh, intriguing, and aggressive. Origanlly from North Jersey but now resides in Philadelphia he spends most of his time gathering new tracks and speaking with the newest producers coming out with the best tunes around the globe. He is also expanding his horizons and has been branching out to other genres, not to say that ragga is his heart but a dj must be diverse in many ways, He spends a lot of time sitting down and perfecting his scratching and always working on his mixing talents.

The Kyng of Thievez has played countless parties on the East Coast and has stepped up to even headline a few out of state gigs. The Kyng of Thievez has been producing for just under 5 years Fluently, with a few heavy remixes under his belt, The kid is doing what he can with what he has to work with attempting to find his sound.

Exterior, Wooden Pergolas Design Idea Paver Patio With Gas Fire Pit Red Grey Brick Concrete Stone Paver Flooring For Patio White Wooden Painted Long And Single Chairs Round Diy St.

You win nothing except for the right to hold this title for the next 24hrs! On behalf of the Serato Boards thanks Nickel! That’s pretty harsh dude You should know your in H. I call my friends over at sutra and boom im on the list. I’m just trying to go up to NY and have fun. Its cool i have homies out there i just wanted to ask that serato family first.. Help each other don’t hate on each other Just think about what your asking????! You want some DJ who most likely

NYC nightlife

He also cites Pink Floyd to be a major influence on his work. Digweed was born on New Years Day in England. By the time he was 15 he had established himself as a prominent DJ in his hometown Hastings. He was particularly popular at the raves on Hastings Pier in East Sussex and sometimes played alongside the likes of the Prodigy and Carl Cox. In he passed a demo on to Renaissance Club owner Geoff Oakes who subsequently relayed it to influential acid house producer Sasha.

Le Bain is a penthouse discothèque and rooftop bar on the top floor of The Standard, High Line in the Meatpacking District featuring world-famous DJs, a state-of .

This is going to be hard. Not to gush, but there are just so many places I want to take you. Both hypothetical trips will begin at 9 in the morning in May best weather-warm but not yet scorching. This plate of paella will be your tapa; see the first post for an explanation of tapas. El Parque del Buen Retiro is a great place to get lost in.

After all this walking around and stuff, you must be culturally pooped and hungry. There are two in Madrid. I suggested going for lunch instead of its busiest time of dinner because being there for dinner is just kind of gross. At around 4pm, however, El Tigre is a totally different place.


Classiness is the theme, but a wild party is the club’s constant objective. This exclusive venue has always been a favorite destination for the city’s movers and shakers. Because of its great bottle services, awesome crowd, and sultry staff, 1 OAK is considered to be the place where the “cool kids” hang out.

Watch LEE KALT DJ videos, movies and songs.

He is also a key part and co-founder of London Village Kids L. LVK have created a unique brand that holds as much importance on maintaining their on-point style and trend setting in both fashion, music and lifestyle. Aged 6, he took classical and then jazz piano lessons, and played for more than 10 years. He can deliver the right sounds and get the crowd jumping. He continues to work on producing original music for international artists.

He now spends his time in the studio while continuing his studies at the Clive Davis school of recorded music at NYU and traveling between his residencies.

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Though there are many dating apps out there, you may be able to meet women the old fashioned way: Present your most attractive self by practicing good hygiene and grooming. Take a hot shower, style your hair, trim your beard or shave if necessary , and put on cologne. Try not to throw on too much cologne, as the overwhelming smell may turn off potential dates at the bar. You may want to be strategic when selecting a bar to meet single women, as not all bars are created equal in terms of having a high number of single women.

Finding the groove is something that just happens naturally for Youri Alexander, commonly known as YAX.X. Being brought up in Amsterdam, YAX.X cut his teeth with vinyl from the age of 14 playing Hip Hop, House and Electro.

This club has all the fly ladies and dancing you could ever ask for. Kiss N Fly usually attracts a young but refined crowd and their bottle service is exquisite. Expect a wild time at Kiss N Fly as it tends to be one of those clubs where your night becomes a blur after that round of shots with that table full of smoking hot girls.

Kiss N Fly, like many Meatpacking clubs, typically sticks with house and trance music, but their DJs are fantastic and are known for spinning some rockin’ mashups to set the mood. Kiss N Fly’s decor is something like that of an ancient Roman ballroom. Tall pillars line the perimeter with soft pink lights illuminating the white brick outer walls.

The club is somewhat circular shaped, with a spacious dance space around the outer ring, surrounding luxurious VIP booths and tables on the inner ring. The bar acts as the nucleus of the club, colorfully decorated and manned with well-trained bartenders capable of churning out drinks at an incredible rate. The private rooms at Kiss N Fly are always a good time. Secluded enough to enjoy the company you’re with, but close enough to the action that you won’t miss anything.

If you’re looking to surround yourself with some nice ladies, you will never be turned down once they see that you and your friends are popping bottles in your own private room. We can also reserve a private room for you and your friends, which is no easy task here in Manhattan. Just getting into a club like Kiss N Fly is difficult enough, let alone trying to lock down a VIP table or private room.

Luckily, New York City VIP Services has you covered and can call all the right people to make sure you are sitting comfortably at a table of your choice.

Dj Sat-One Live @ Pacha in NYC